There were two incarnations of the Jones Beach Marine Theatre.  To quote Robert Moses, whose baby it was:  "The original marine stadium was a temporary structure constructed [in 1935] as a work relief project.  The original stadium was demolished in 1945 when it became unsafe."   That stadium:

From 1936 until 1940, seasons of musicals and operettas were co-produced there by the Shuberts and opera impresario Fortune Gallo who had already built and lost the theatre which later became Studio 54.  Some samples: 

The Student Prince:

Michael Todd was selected as producer for the first season in the new house when it opened in 1952, and after he failed to interest La Scala in a summer home, he presented "A Night in Venice," which played two entire summers.  Only Robert Moses could have designed a venue with the house one-eighth mile from the stage, perfect for massive spectacle.

In 1954 Moses selected popular band leader and TV presence Guy Lombardo to be the next producer.  Wisely, Lombardo moved the orchestra pit adjacent to the auditorium and created a smaller stage there as well.  "Around the World in Eighty Days" (1963-64):

A nautical theme guided his play selection, as in "Hit the Deck" (1960)...

"Mardi Gras" (1965-66)...

"Paradise Island" (1961-62)...

and "Show Boat" (1956-57).

But Lombardo's greatest triumph of all time was "The Song of Norway" (1958-59) complete with overhead loudspeaker rig.

Here is the list of shows which were produced from 1952 until 1981 as compiled by wiki:

1952-A Night in Venice
1953-A Night In Venice
1954–Arabian Nights
1955–Arabian Nights
1956–Show Boat
1957–Show Boat 
1958–Song of Norway
1959-Song of Norway
1960-Hit The Deck
1961-Paradise Island
1962-Paradise Island 
1963-Around The World in 80 Days
1964-Around the World in 80 Days
1965-Mardi Gras! 
1966-Mardi Gras! 
1967-Arabian Nights
1968-South Pacific
1969-South Pacific!
1970-The Sound of Music
1971-The Sound of Music
1972-The King And I
1974-Fiddler on the Roof
1976-Show Boat
1977-Finian's Rainbow
1978-Annie Get Your Gun
1979-The Music Man
1980-The Sound of Music
1981-Damn Yankees

For info about Jones Beach stage lighting, click here.

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